Canadian-Iranian Professor Jailed In Iran's Notorious Prison

The family is unsure of what charges she has been arrested for, and now are extremely worried about her health and well-being.

A 65-year-old Canadian-Iranian professor has been arrested in Tehran by revolutionary guards.

Homa Hoodfar was teaching at Concordia University in Montreal, and after retirement and her husband’s death, went to Iran to meet her family in March. Her trip coincided with Iranian elections, where as many as 17 women were elected as lawmakers. Hoodfar, who is a researcher on women's equality, began looking into the elections.

She was arrested on March 10, released on bail and re-arrested in early June. Hoodfar’s belongings were seized along with her three passports, and she was interrogated for several days.

Alex Neve, secretary general of Amnesty International Canada, described Hoodfar as a prisoner of conscience. The nonprofit is calling on Iran to release her as soon as possible.

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"The arrest of respected and accomplished scholar, Dr. Homa Hoodfar, is the latest attempt by the Iranian authorities at targeting individuals, including academics, for the peaceful exercise of their rights to freedom of expression and association," Neve said in a statement Thursday.

On June 8, after being silent all this time, her family decided to go public with her detention and talked to the Canadian media in Montreal.

Her niece Amanda Ghahremani is speaking to various local news channels, explaining how her aunt is not an activist or politician, but simply a researcher, and that her work is being misunderstood.

Check out the video above.

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