Canadian Restaurant Flaunts Bigotry With New 'Religion Free' Burger

A restaurant owner with a history of troubling comments made toward the LGBT community is now seemingly targeting Muslims with bigoted menu choices.

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A Canadian restaurant whose owner has a history of posting bigoted social media comments is at it again, this time targeting followers of Islam.

Skip’s Fish N Chips in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, recently posted on Facebook that it refuses to use meat from a distribution company called Atlantic Beef Products. Their newest burger, which the restaurant has called “the Skip burger,” is instead made with ingredients from MacQuarries Meats.

The reason for this preference? Apparently it has nothing to do with the meat itself, but how one company prioritizes creating meals everyone can eat, including adherents to Islam.

Atlantic Beef Products President Russ Mallard explained earlier this year that his company produces meat in accordance to the halal tradition. Doing so is in high demand especially with an influx of immigrants coming to the area.

But that’s apparently not what Skip’s wanted for their menu, citing that article as its reason for choosing the company’s competitor.

Their new Skip burger is also “religion free,” they said in a Facebook post, adding that they also add bacon to the meal, a meat which is traditionally forbidden in Muslim society.

Unbeknownst to Skip’s, however, is that their newly preferred meat company also helps Muslims procure halal products to Muslims in Prince Edward Island.

Beyond overlooking that fact, Skip’s comments are decisively bigoted. Halal is a set of standards and rules for Muslims to follow, which includes how to prepare meat with a simple blessing made to the animal before it is slaughtered. It doesn’t change the taste, nor do anything at all to the consumer of that meat.

This isn’t the first time the restaurant has gotten into hot water over its hateful remarks. In 2017, owner Paul MacGregor got in trouble with many dissatisfied customers over comments he made on a news article regarding rainbow colored sidewalks. “This is offensive to many tourists who come here to escape this leftist agenda. You will never hear them say so, because if they do, the bullies will take them to court,” he wrote.

In trying to fend off negative attention for his commentary, MacGregor wrote a half-hearted apology on Facebook, explaining that his comments derived from the fact that he “is convinced that the Holy Bible is the unique Word of the one true God.”

MacGregor is free to have his own views, and to express them out loud if he wants to. But rather than doing so in a proactive way, his Facebook post this week and other comments from the past seem to suggest he’s more interested in demeaning other beliefs he feels superior to.

That is unnecessary and unproductive. MacGregor should apologize for the blatant bigoted remarks his company makes on his behalf, and understand that his beliefs aren’t the only ones that deserve to be respected in his neighborhood.

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