Candidate Arrested For Trying To Bring Toys, Food To Migrant Children

A Democratic candidate for Senate has been arrested while trying to deliver toys and food to children being held by border patrol agents.

Democratic Candidate for Senate Zak Ringelstein was arrested for trying to deliver toys, water, blankets, and food to children being held at a U.S. Border Patrol facility in Texas.

Ringelstein, who’s challenging independent incumbent Sen. Angus King from Maine, traveled in a pickup to the facility in McAllen.

When Ringelstein approached the facility, he said he was told to leave by an official.

The unnamed agent eventually explained to the Senate candidate that they were not going to allow him to enter, but that he could donate the items to a charitable organization with authorization to reach the kids inside.

As he was repeatedly denied entry, Ringelstein sat in his truck’s flatbed, saying, “I refuse, I refuse, I refuse to stand by as you imprison children and bring more children by the dozens into this facility... it is wrong. It is sick. It’s a sickness.”

He was eventually handcuffed and then arrested, along with a man who joined the candidate while holding a “Free Them” sign.

The incident was filmed and broadcast live by Ringelstein's campaign on Facebook.

On Twitter, his account called the candidate a “political prisoner of the Trump regime.”

A campaign spokesperson told reporters that they were not sure whether the candidate was going to be charged. But according to Ringelstein’s official Twitter account, the candidate remains in custody on suspicion of criminal trespass. He could face up to six months in jail.

Twitter users expressed shock that this happened. Many said they were grateful and proud that someone would stand up for the children while putting their own freedom at risk in the process.

Hopefully, public pressure will help to ensure that the candidate is able to go home safely to his family so that he can continue fighting for the underdog, whether as a senator or as an activist.

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