Candidate For Virginia Congressional Seat Is An Open Pedophile

A candidate running for a Congressional seat in Virginia has admitted to being sexually attracted to infants and bragged about beating his spouse online.

An independent candidate with extremist conservative views has openly come out as a pedophile, promoting himself as someone who would aim to legalize the practice if elected.

Nathan Larson, a 37-year-old Charlottesville, Virginia, resident who has described Adolf Hitler as a “white supremacist hero,” is running to represent the state’s 10th District in Congress. Besides admitting to being a pedophile, Larson also promotes the beliefs of men who call themselves involuntary celibates, or “incels,” and expressed in the past his disdain for the Violence Against Women Act. He considers himself a libertarian.

An "involuntary celibate" claims that they are unable to have sexual relationships due to women rejecting their advances. It is a sexist belief in that men who ascribe to it believe they are entitled to sex with women.

In addition to his "incel" views, Larson has also promoted incest and pedophilia in the past.

“We need to switch to a system that classifies women as property, initially of their fathers and later of their husbands,” Larson said in a manifesto he wrote.

Larson previously ran two online forums, and, that served to allow pedophiles and like-minded incels to speak openly online with one another. The forums have since been closed down by their web servers.

Within those forums, Larson spoke openly about a future where pedophilia would be legalized.

"I think that to get with girls, whether they’re young or old, you’ll usually need to have charm and/or money," he wrote. "That’s especially true if you’re trying to get with the more attractive girls. Once sex with kids is legalized, I imagine the competition to get in their pants will be fierce."

When asked about his views by HuffPost — whether he himself was a pedophile, or whether he just liked talking about the acts of pedophilia — Larson answered honestly. 

"It’s a mix of both," Larson explained to the publication. "When people go over the top there’s a grain of truth to what they say."

There’s no evidence to suggest that Larson has engaged in sexual activity with a minor, yet disturbing details in his online discussions suggest he has fantasized about having sex with infants — including his own daughter. He’s also bragged about raping his ex-spouse, a transgender man who committed suicide in 2015. Later that year, Larson gave up attempts at re-gaining custody of his child.

In an essay on the subject of feminism, Larson expounded on his beliefs, writing that “feminism is the problem, and rape is the solution.” He also wrote that marriage between fathers and their daughters should be legal.

Larson, a felon who was arrested a decade ago for threatening to kill the president, said he doesn’t think his views will hurt his electoral chances. In fact, he said he believes voters in the 10th District will embrace him as an outsider, as voters in other areas have seemingly overlooked candidates with questionable histories in recent months.

“A lot of people are tired of political correctness and being constrained by it,” he told the HuffPost. “People prefer when there’s an outsider who doesn’t have anything to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”

Larson's views and stances on subjects like these do not deserve to be given consideration in Congress. Hopefully voters will reject his candidacy and encourage a more level-headed individual to represent them in Washington.

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