'Cannibal Cop' Has No Problem Getting Dates

Apparently in this day and age of so many dating woes, 32-year-old Gilberto Valle, the infamous “Cannibal Cop,” has a flourishing love life.

Gilberto Valle III, a former New York City police officer, was convicted by a jury in March 2013 for using police resources to search women for his online abduction and death-porn fantasies. His arrest and sentencing for conspiring to kidnap, kill and eat several woman, one of them his own ex-wife, created quite a buzz.

It all started when his wife discovered and alerted the FBI that her husband was spending time in chat rooms describing detailed plans to abduct, torture, rape and cannibalize women. He claimed all scenarios he described were mere fantasy.

“All of a sudden, I’m seeing pictures of me, pictures of our friends,” his wife testified.

“I was supposed to be tied by my feet, my throat slit, and they were going to watch the blood rush from my body,” she said.

There were also photos of her friends who were going to be "stuffed in a suitcase and delivered 'for rape and murder,' others who were 'going to be raped in front of each other to heighten their fears' and one was to be roasted alive over an open fire."

Valle, dubbed the "Cannibal Cop," however, was able to overturn the verdict 15 months later as the evidence supported his contention of “fantasy role-play.”

His aggressive fantasies and resulting notoriety cost him his marriage but the doors of romance are still open for him.

In January 2015, Valle faced a lot of flak for creating an online dating profile. He wanted to find a “non-judgmental” woman. “I am spending my energy rebounding from the errors I made in my past and rebuilding my life,” he wrote on his profile. However, the site removed his profile.

If the New York Post is to be believed, Valle has at least 50 women ready to have a relationship with him.

“Everything is already out there for people to see, so I have no problem answering questions honestly,” Valle said. “I like meeting women who already know everything about me, so I don’t have to suddenly drop this bomb on them.”

In fact, Valle claims that women started lining up to talk to him immediately after his release from prison in 2014. They also messaged him on social media to congratulate him.

“They would say things like, ‘I’m really happy you prevailed’ and ‘Hope you’re doing well.’ Many reached out because they are interested in my case. I started chatting more with a few of them and eventually asked some on dates.”

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