Chinese Woman Beats Indonesian Domestic Help, Threatens To Kill Her

The disturbing footage shows an old woman viciously attacking her domestic helper while she was lying down on her bed.

In a painful-to-watch footage, a young Indonesian domestic worker can be seen lying on her bed when her Cantonese-speaking employer entered the room and started to scold and thrash the worker.

The alarming video footage posted on Facebook sparked massive condemnation by users and prompted Hong Kong police to investigate the matter.

The elderly woman slapped the worker, grabbed her by the neck and covered her mouth twice trying to mute whatever she had to say during the altercation.

Apparently the employer was upset over her domestic helper’s performance and scolded her. When the worker tried defending herself, telling her boss that she was being scolded over petty matter, the employer started beating her.

The worker then reportedly went to her bed to lie down after being beaten but the enraged employer still did not stop. The employer entered the maid’s room and started slapping her. “I really want to kill you. I’ll die with you.”

The helper answered back: “I won’t.”

The employer then apparently tried to choke the worker.

“You intend to irritate me,” the employer continued, while attacking her. When the worker tried to get up from the bed the former pushed her back and whacked her.

“I also don’t like you,” said the worker.

At this point, the employer asked her to quit the job, but she defended herself, claiming it was not her fault.

“I know your plan. If I fire you, you will get compensation,” said the employer before leaving the room. However, within seconds, she came back as her helper murmured something in her native language. 

She pulled the worker’s hand, saying she will take her to the police station. The helper, who was crying of the pain inflicted on her, refused to go and was hit again. 

The employer then covered the young lady’s mouth while constantly beating her and said, “Scold me what? Scold me in Chinese. You make me very angry.”

“I would hack you to death if I don’t have to be sent to jail,” she said, before finally leaving the room.

Now the Hong Kong police are investigating if this violence on a domestic worker occurred in their city.

“Our officers are now checking the source of the video and trying to ascertain the IP address,” said a police source, before explaining that as of now no reports have been filed to the local authorities in relation to the assault.

“If this happened in Hong Kong, we appeal to the victim or her friends to come forward and contact police,” said the source.

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