Capitol Hill Shooting Suspect Once Claimed To Be A 'Prophet Of God'

The man allegedly responsible for pulling a weapon at the Capitol Visitor Center once disrupted a House of Representatives session.

A man was taken into custody after he drew a weapon at a U.S. Capitol checkpoint in the middle of a crowded visitors center teeming with tourists.

Panic ensued as the Capitol Visitor Center as the Capitol and White House were put on lockdown for almost an hour. The highly popular annual White House Easter egg roll was going on at the time.

A female bystander sustained non-life threatening injuries from shrapnel after a police officer fired shots. No casualties were reported.

The suspect was later identified as Larry Russell Dawson, a pastor at St. Luke’s Church outside Nashville, Tennessee. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer while armed.

This wasn’t Dawson’s first run-in with the law. Last October, he was arrested for disrupting a sessions at the House of Representatives as he yelled he was a "prophet of God."

A video of the alleged incident has been unearthed by the Daily Beast:


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Following last year’s episode, Dawson was issued a stay away order, telling him to keep away from the Capitol grounds. Yet, somehow he managed to get to the gates of the Capitol Visitor Center, an area packed with visitors, and attempted to go through the entrance’s metal detectors. When security stopped him, Dawson reportedly pulled out what appeared to be a weapon.

“We believe this is an act of a single person who has frequented the Capitol grounds before, and there is no reason to believe this is anything more than a criminal act," U.S. Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa said of the shooting.

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