Mysterious Illness Causing Hallucinations Perplexes Oregon City

It's almost like the hallucinations were contagious as they quickly spread from one woman to others, including police officers.

hospital in Coos Bay


A hospital in Coos Bay, Oregon, quarantined its emergency room after five people started suffering from mysterious hallucinations.

A 57-year-old caretaker working for an elderly woman called 911 and reported eight people trying to take off the roof of her car in the early hours of the morning. When a deputy arrived at the home, there was no sign of the reported vandals.

The woman called again a few hours later with the same report but once again, nothing was amiss. The deputies who responded figured something was wrong with the woman and took her to Coos Bay Hospital where she was placed on a temporary mental hold. However, the hospital soon gave her a clean bill of health and she returned home.

Soon after that, both the deputies started experiencing the same bizarre symptoms of nausea, euphoria and lightheadedness. The elderly woman for whom the caretaker worked also exhibited the same symptoms — and so did one of the hospital employees who came in contact with the caretaker.

Everybody was hospitalized and the emergency room was quarantined by the Coos County HazMat team.

The team also checked out the elderly woman’s home but found nothing of suspicion except for a few fentanyl patches for medication — however, all those have been accounted for.

“The HazMat team has completed the check of the residences involved and no source of contaminate has been identified or found,” said Sgt. Pat Downing. “Initial investigations believed that a medication used in patch form may have been the source. Investigation has found that all those patches and potential medications that may have caused the symptoms have been accounted for. No course of the contamination has been found.”

Both deputies were closely monitored by the hospital personnel and were assigned to temporary desk duties after recovering from the strange episode. However, the caretaker and her elderly charge are still hospitalized.

The caretaker’s and the deputies’ cars, equipment and uniforms have all been checked but no contamination has been found near them.

“It is weird,” said Sgt. Downing.

Quarantine has been lifted from the emergency room but the investigation of the strange cause is still ongoing.

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