Trump May Be Saving His Own Skin By Covering Up For Flynn

“Flynn is almost like the ball of yarn that begins to unspool and is key to understanding it," explained famous Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein.

Famed Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein believes President Donald Trump and his administration rejecting a request from the House Oversight Committee to provide ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s documents is an attempt to conceal evidence of the commander-in-chief’s alleged relations with Russia.

The renowned journalist played an integral role in exposing the 1972 Watergate Hotel and Democratic National Committee break-in, which led to the forced resignation of former President Richard Nixon.

“Look, I think it’s obvious that Gen. Flynn is in up to his neck in terms not just of possible crimes involving his speeches and whether or not he registered as a foreign agent, which he should have and didn’t,” Bernstein stated.

Flynn resigned from his position just four weeks after taking office amid the raging controversy about his contacts with Russian officials before the business mogul even took office. Flynn stepped down after allegedly deceiving Vice President Mike Pence regarding his relations with Moscow.

“There he is central to what the FBI believes is a cover-up going on among people close to the President of the United States about what happened with the Trump campaign and Russia,” Bernstein continued."The FBI, the congressional investigators are trying to learn what happened. And Flynn is almost like the ball of yarn that begins to unspool and is key to understanding it."

Bernstein also pointed out that Trump called his ex-national security adviser’s request for immunity a “witch hunt,” but in reality it was not a witch hunt. It was, in fact, the president who was “impeding” federal investigators for making progress.

He mentioned that the now second-in-command under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, leading the Justice Department's investigation that Russia allegedly meddled in the 2016 U.S. election campaign, would, in due course, see that there is an active cover-up going on regarding Russia/Trump collusion.

"He is going to see, ‘Oh my god, there’s a cover-up going on,’" explained the famed journalist.

Ever since Trump assumed office, his administration’s alleged ties with Russia and foreign agents have been a popular topic. Although the media mogul keeps digging holes for himself, the real question is whether Republican legislators would actually impeach him if anything is proven — or would they let him get away with everything?  

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