Cat Rescued From Ruins Two Weeks After Earthquake

These miracle felines managed to keep themselves alive in the devastating rubble.

More than two weeks after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit central Italy, rescue workers have made an amazing discovery.

A cat named Pietro has been pulled from the ruins of Italy’s deadly earthquake more than 15 days after the disaster, which claimed nearly 300 lives.

Fire brigade officers had accompanied the cat's owners to retrieve their belongings from their destroyed house when they heard some faint meows. Pietro was coaxed out from under the debris and taken by ambulance to a veterinary clinic. X-rays showed he had a fractured jaw and was struggling to eat. He's still too weak for surgery.

Dozens of cats, dogs and other pets have been rescued in the earthquake zone.

A cat named Gioia  "joy" in English  was rescued after spending six days trapped in the rubble of a collapsed house, but Pietro has comfortably beaten that record.

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