CCTV Footage Proves Brooklyn Cops Did Hit A Cyclist Then Lied About It

The police officers went as far as blaming the cyclist. Video footage proves they're lying.

This is the report Brooklyn cyclist Ross Cunningham got from the police after he was knocked over by an unmarked police car:

Brooklyn Cops

Cunningham maintains he was riding in a marked bike lane when a black sedan carrying two police officers made a right turn in front of him without signaling. He was knocked to the ground.

As he got to his feet, a NYPD sergeant came out of the car and started accusing him of causing the accident.

"His first question was, 'Why were you riding on the sidewalk?'" said Cunningham. "Which is a completely insane thing because how would a car hit me if I was riding on the sidewalk?"

The officer did, however, apologize to him and even inquired if he needed an ambulance, which Cunningham declined. His bike was badly damaged though and his phone screen was broken so he asked them to pay for the damages.

The officers took Cunningham's driver's license and returned to the car to take notes. Additionally, he gave Cunningham the phone number of the NYPD's 76th Precinct office and told him to wait for the report to be filed.

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The report that eventually came had a false account of the incident shifting the blame away from the officers and onto Cunningham.

According to the report, the driver of the NYPD vehicle "was making a legal right turn with emergency lights when cyclist struck right side of vehicle."

But now Cunningham has acquired a damning CCTV footage that shows exactly the opposite.

Here’s the video:


The NYPD vehicle can be seen hitting him in the bike lane at approximately 20 seconds into the video. In the security video, no emergency lights are visible when Cunningham was struck.

Interestingly, this is not the first time something like this has happened. In November 2015, Justin Johnsen of Brooklyn faced a similar situation when he was hit by a police car and then slapped with a $1,263.01 bill for damaging the police car!

The accident left Johnsen with deep cuts requiring stitches. Adding insult to injury, the police refused to accept they ever hit him. Instead, they said it was the other way round!

“I was upset. I was in kind of disbelief that they were going to send this letter after four months or so and ask me to pay damages for their vehicle, when they hit me when I was on a bicycle,” he said.

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