Mother Turns To McDonald’s Drive-Thru Worker To Save Baby From Attack

The desperate mother was reportedly trying to save the child from her enraged father.

Footage from outside a McDonald’s drive-thru captures Jessica Wilson struggling to hand her daughter over to a McDonald’s drive-thru worker in Cincinnati. She was trying to save her daughter from her father, Levenski Crossty, who allegedly kidnapped and beat her.

The video shows Wilson rushing out of the car holding her 2-year-old daughter. As she tries to escape from the father, he immediately gets out of the car and tries to pull her back. 

After struggling for several seconds, Wilson almost reaches the worker and tries to hand her daughter over to him. The worker reaches out for help but unfortunately Crossty manages to pull the child away and drives off with her.

Crossty’s trial began in court recently. According to prosecutors, before the drive-thru incident, he broke into Wilson’s home by climbing in through a window after pushing an air-conditioning unit. He confronted her about being unfaithful and allegedly beat her. 

However, Stephan Madden, Crossty’s attorney, had a different take on the incident. He called the act a misdemeanor domestic incident. He added that Crossty drove away with the children to protect them from Wilson, who he said was intoxicated.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Jody Luebbers canceled Crossty's ability to use a phone at the jail. He is charged with felonious assault, theft and multiple counts of abduction and kidnapping.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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