Woman At Center Of Police Sex Scandal Allegedly 'Kidnapped' By Police

Police dismisses the kidnap claim, says the woman was placed on an emergency medical evaluation hold “because of her words and behavior.”


A woman, who was sexually exploited by Oakland police officers in 2016 when she was a minor, was reportedly kidnapped by Richmond Police Department officers in California.

The young woman, who goes by pseudonym Celeste Guap, was reportedly kidnapped after she participated in the sex worker justice rally in Oakland, California. She posted a video to Facebook where she was heard pleading for help.

“Help me, help me, this is an idiot, you guys, Richmond Police Department,” the woman can be heard yelling.

Activist Cat Brooks highlighted the issue on Twitter where she called people to help locate Guap. John Burris, Oakland attorney who is representing Guap, said he was unaware of her whereabouts.

“We’re trying to locate where she is right now. We want her to be healthy and safe,” he said.

After the post went viral on social media, police admitted in picking up the woman but said she had not been arrested. Richmond Police Chief Allwyn Brown said they were responding to a disturbance call from her home where they tried to sort out an issue Guap had with her boyfriend.

He added that Guap was placed on an emergency medical evaluation hold “because of her words and behavior.”

Organizers of the sex workers march, Bay Area Pros Support (BAPS), said Guap had not been arrested for her participation in the rally but said confirmed she had been picked up by law enforcement and highlighted the fact that she wasn’t safe in police custody.

Details about Guap’s whereabouts remain to be unknown as of now.

In 2016, Guap was sexually abused by multiple Oakland cops. She gave an interview to East Bay Express where she stated that she had sex with 24 police officers, 14 of who belonged to the Oakland Police Department. 

Apparently, three of her sexual encounters with these officers took place when she was underage. Moreover, of the 24 officers she was sexually engaged with, two of them even gave her access to confidential police information.

Guap also revealed that a retired OPD captain in his 80s paid her $250 to have sex with him in a motel. The officers reportedly had nicknamed Guap as “juve,” which is a shorter term for juvenile, and continued having sex with her even though they were well aware she was underage.

The woman has been labeled a “teen prostitute.” However, it doesn’t, in any way, excuse the officers’ behavior — especially considering the fact that prostitution is illegal altogether in California and Guap was underage at the time of at least three encounters.

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