Cemetery Employee Stole Dead Veteran's Wallet To Buy Pizza

An employee at a Florida cemetery stole a deceased World War II veteran’s wallet in order to buy video game cards and pizza for his own personal expenses.

In an interview with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, an employee at Florida National Cemetery recently admitted to stealing a deceased veteran’s wallet to purchase personal items.

Kevin Cullen, who is the employee in charge of placing a dead body in a tomb or grave stole the veteran’s wallet from an urn, according to KRON4.

The family of the 93-year-old veteran were taking charge of his finances when they noticed credit card charges on his bank account the same day the WWII vet was buried at the cemetery.

Cullen kept the wallet for his own use and used the man’s credit card to purchase pizza and video game cards, according to WFLA.

The employee was arrested for fraudulent use of a deceased person’s information, theft, and disturbing the contents in the urn.

A Facebook user, Theresa O’Donnell Rivera-Gaytan, wrote her thoughts on the Fox 10 Phoenix’s posting of the story.

Florida National Cemetery

“This breaks my heart, the family lost their loved one, he served his country and then robbed in his final resting place. How sad that somebody would violate somebody like this,” Rivera-Gaytan said.

Danae Rooste, another Facebook user, also shared her views online about the incident.

“Whether the deceased was a veteran or not, the cemetery worker should have had more respect for the dead. I hope they prosecute him to the fullest,” Rooste said.

Cullen was placed in a detention center with a bond of $11,000.

Stealing is obviously wrong and illegal no matter what, but stealing from a dead person is a whole other level of crime and unforgivable behavior. 

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