A Disabled Child Was Kicked Out Of A Trump Rally – Then He Met Obama

As the 12-year-old left the Trump rally, people allegedly kicked at his wheelchair. A day later, he got to meet President Obama.


Donald Trump’s supporters, notorious for punching, pushing, dragging, humiliating and spitting at protesters, recently hit a new low when they kicked a disabled child and his mother out of a rally in Tampa, Florida.

Twelve-year-old J.J. Holmes, who has cerebral palsy, wanted to attend the Republican nominee’s event to protest against his (mis)treatment of people with disabilities. Trump, as everyone witnessed last year, shamelessly mocked a disabled reporter in front of dozens of his supporters and wasn’t the least bit sorry for his actions.

The boy convinced his mother, Alison, to take him to the Tampa rally. However, once the pair started chanting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s name, the situation got hostile.

Trump supporters allegedly pushed his wheelchair, chanting "USA," according to Alison Holmes.

“We were put out by security,” she told The Washington Post. “Mr. Trump kept saying, ‘Get them out.’”

Only a day after the appalling incident, J.J. and his mother went to Kissimmee, Florida, to attend a rally where President Barack Obama was going to deliver while campaigning for Clinton.

And the difference between the outcomes of the two events says a lot about Trump and Obama.

Kimberly DeFalco, a woman who witnessed J.J.’s bitter experience at the Trump rally, arranged a meeting between the boy and the president.

“This would be life-changing for J.J. and also send powerful encouragement for all who live with disabilities and rise up despite them!” DeFalco wrote on Facebook.


After Obama finished his speech, he met the courageous 12-year-old who had protested against a bigot at his own rally.

J.J. was pleased to meet the president, of course. However, according to the Post, the boy made sure to make his feelings for Trump clear via his vocalization device.

“I hate Donald Trump. I hate Donald Trump,” he said.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Mark Makela

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