Here’s Why Black People Protest, According To A White Congressman

It’s the same Republican Congressman who once said it’s fine to fire gay people because it’s one of "the freedoms we [Americans] enjoy."

A white Congressman just attempted to explain why members of the African-American community are protesting on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina.

It turned out to be a complete disaster, to the surprise of essentially no one.

During an interview with BBC Newsnight, U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger, whose district includes parts of Charlotte, was asked what grievance the protesters have.

His reply: Black people hate white people.

Yes, it’s true. An elected official in the United States just stated the root cause of unrest in Charlotte — which, by the way, was prompted by fatal police shootings of black men across the country —  is the black community’s hatred and jealousy towards white people.

"The grievance in their mind is — the animus, the anger — they hate white people because white people are successful and they're not,” Pittenger.

As if the beginning of his statement (read: rant) wasn’t offensive enough, he went on to complain the government has spent so much on welfare programs that people have stopped working.

“I mean, yes, it is, it is a welfare state,” he said. “We have spent trillions of dollars on welfare, where we put people in bondage so that they cannot be all that they're capable of being."

Quite obviously, the video of Pittenger’s interview prompted a barrage of criticism — and rightly so. Only after people reminded him that his comments were racist did he bother to issue a semi-apology on Twitter.




And finally he tweeted what he should have stated during the BBC interview:



It is important to mention here that Pittenger said in 2014 that it’s OK to fire gay people because it’s one of “the freedoms we [Americans] enjoy.”

Oh, and he also endorsed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in June.

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