Protests Erupt In Charlotte As People Demand Justice For Keith Scott

Attorney Andrew Murray has cleared the police officer who killed Keith Scott of all charges, and people in Charlotte are protesting the decision.

North Carolina saw protests overnight after Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray said he found no legal wrongdoing in the shooting of Keith Scott by a police officer Bentley Vinson. The decision comes after a two-month investigation into whether the shooting was justified.

“I’m extremely convinced that Mr. Vinson’s use of deadly force was lawful,” Murray said.

People in Charlotte have not taken the news well, and protests around the city erupted. Protesters say Scott lost his life because of excessive police force.

Protesters gathered outside the city’s police headquarters chanting slogans of: "No Justice, No Peace!" and "Tell the truth and stop the lies, Keith Scott didn't have to die." They even lowered the flag outside the police department to half-staff.

While the protests were peaceful on the whole, four people were arrested for obstructing traffic while one was taken into custody for unruly behavior. The police, however, facilitated participants as long as they were not breaking any rules or causing destruction. They even answered questions, addressed concerns and did whatever was in their capacity to make protesters feel heard.




Check out the video above to see more about the protests.

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