Port-A-Potty Co. Canceled On Unite The Right Racists And It Was Great

After a portable toilet company cancelled on "United the Right" white supremacists, their organizer sent a message to fellow bigots to look for alternative arrangements.

White supremacists in the United States might be touting their racist agenda openly on the streets nowadays, but, thankfully, more companies are making it difficult for them to so by refusing them services or disassociating with them entirely.

For instance, Tiki Brand products, the company that makes torches like those carried by white supremacists, immediately distanced itself from the "Unite the Right" racists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

More businesses followed suit.

Before the rally, however, another company, an unnamed portable toilet company, had cancelled with the white supremacists, causing inevitable problems for the racist attendees.

Unicorn Riot, a left-leaning media website, tweeted a screenshot of a message from "United the Right" organizer Jason Kessler on voice and text chat app Discord. According to the post, Kessler was warning his followers to make alternative toilet arrangements.


Along with Tiki Brand, Airbnb also deleted the accounts of “Unite the Right” attendees in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Tech companies, including Twitter Inc, LinkedIn, music service Spotify and security firm Cloudflare Inc also cut off services to hate groups or removed material that they said spread hate in response to the Charlottesville violence.

In addition, civil rights group Color of Change has also launched a new Blood Money website to call out major credit card companies, which are still facilitating funds transfers for white supremacist groups.

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