Chechnya’s ‘Wedding Police’ Squad To Make Sure Brides Don’t Boogie

Kadyrov’s latest rule supposedly aims to enforce modest wedding celebrations, however, his own nephew’s nuptials featured dozens of luxury cars.

Chechniya wedding

In yet another dictatorial directive, Chechnya’s ruler Ramzan Kadyrov has instructed authorities to send special police officers to patrol weddings.

Their responsibilities include making sure people don’t get drunk, fire weapons and, most importantly, the bride doesn’t dance at her own wedding.

 “We will set up special working groups, whose representatives will be present at weddings in public places, and check that the demands of a traditional wedding are met,” a Chechen Ministry of Culture spokesperson told Russian state news agency Tass. “If they see clothes that do not match our mentality, or incorrect dance movements, they will intervene.”

Here, the expression “incorrect dance movements” actually means dance movements that do not conform to Kadyrov’s mindset, which is increasingly growing radical.

Chechnya, a tiny, oil-rich state, has always been a volatile region.

After a bloody two year war in 1994-96 with Russia, Chechnya established a de facto independent government but another war in 1999 under Russian President Vladimir Putin reinstated the Kremlin's power in the region.


Things have been made worse by poor leadership under Kadyrov, who was elected president in 2007. He is notorious for corruption and implementing extremist Islamic laws.

In 2015, for instance, he asked people to mind their own business when an underage girl was forced to marry a Chechen police chief.

A few weeks ago, he made headlines for launching his own "The Apprentice"-style reality television show to find a new assistant for himself.

During the competition, when someone asked Kadyrov if a woman was eligible for a high-ranking official position in Chechnya, he responded by saying "the woman is a housewife."

Although Kadyrov’s latest rule supposedly aims to enforce modest wedding celebrations, the footage from his own nephew’s May nuptials featured a motorcade of dozens of luxury cars traveling through Chechnya.

So, not only is Kadyrov a tyrant-in-the-making, he is a hypocrite as well.

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