Video Shows Amusement Park Ride Topple Over During Test Run

Ride workers were forced to participate in the disastrous test run, and a camera caught the entire debacle on film.

A test run for one of the top attractions at an Indian amusement park turned deadly when the ride apparatus came tumbling down.

The "Disco Dancer" ride at Kishkinta amusement park in Chennai, India, toppled over during a test run. When the ride fell from its 15-foot high track, 20 people — all workers at the park — were sent plummeting to the ground.

Apparently, the amusement park management pressured the employees to go on the ride despite them expressing hesitation. The ride soon started making squeaky noises as it swung side to side — then suddenly, it fell over.

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The accident left nine injured and one dead. The victim killed was a 25-year-old who was severely injured and rushed to hospital, but declared dead on arrival. 

The owner of the amusement park, Josh Punnish, and its manager, Shathivelan, were arrested and charged with criminal negligence.

"We said we won't join, but we were forced to and after two rounds there was some weird noise. Many of us screamed and wanted to get off but the organizers went ahead with it,” said an employee, Lokesh, 17.

"He was forced to get into the ride. His hand is broken and has minor injured in his face and legs. I shouldn't have sent him for work," Lokesh’s father, Velan added.

Check out the distressing video above.

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