Cher Donates Water To Flint As Michael Moore Calls Out Governor

Cher teams up with Icelandic Glacial to help Flint’s water crisis as Michael Moore calls for the arrest of Gov. Rick Snyder.

Cher is pitching in to help out the city of Flint, Michigan, during its water crisis, caused by lead contamination and an infestation of Legionella bacteria.

As part of her partnership with Icelandic Glacial, the singer plans to donate 181,440 bottles of mineral water on Monday. The water will arrive Wednesday in Flint, where it will be distributed to the low-income housing areas, community centers, food banks and fire houses.

“This is a tragedy of staggering proportion and shocking that it’s happening in the middle of our country,” Cher said in a statement. “I am so grateful that Icelandic Glacial has come on-board to help the city of Flint. I cannot wait for the water to get there to help these people who have been poisoned because the water they’ve been getting out of their taps has been polluted for so long.”

Cher blames Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder for the water contamination and has been very vocal about denouncing him.


Many people believe the problem has been prevalent for over a year but the government did not focus on rectifying it as a large majority of Flint’s population is black and poor.


Michael Moore, documentary filmmaker and Flint’s most famous resident, has also called for an arrest warrant for Snyder and insists President Obama come and witness the water disaster with his own eyes.

"It wasn't caused by Mother Nature. It was caused by a governor trying to save a few dollars," Moore said. "Obama, the Democrats, EPA, nobody gets a pass on this. Nobody gets a pass on this. The children of Flint have been poisoned. That lead — you can't get the lead out of that system. And they're going to have permanent brain damage. Their IQ level will never be as high as it would have been."


Celebrities aren’t the only ones helping out the people of Flint in this crisis. Catholic Charities of Shiawassee & Genesee Counties serves up to 800 meals a day at its three soup kitchens and use bottled water to cook meals. The leftover water is given to the community but it goes fast.

Also, the United Way of Genesee County, working with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, has set up a fundraising that has already helped purchase and distribute 11,000 water filter systems, 5,000 replacement filters and thousands of cases of bottled water.

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