Chicago Doctor’s Visa Revoked After Airport Official Saw Quran App

Al Homssi flew to the UAE to get married, but five days after the wedding, when he tried to return to the U.S., his visa was cancelled.


A Chicago-based Syrian doctor is stranded in virtual limbo after his visa was revoked due to President Donald Trump’s unconstitutional immigrant ban.

Dr. Amer Al Homssi, 24, a resident of internal medicine at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois, was prevented from boarding a flight back to Chicago from U.A.E., according to the lawsuit he filed.

Al Homsii held two types of visas: one issued for educational opportunities and the other for general travel.

On Jan. 18, Al Homssi flew to the UAE to get married, but five days after the wedding, when he tried to return, a U.S. immigration officer confiscated his passport and boarding pass and told him to go to a secondary screening area.

He was then ordered to hand over his belongings for checking, including his cell phones, one of which contained an app called “Islamona,” a popular program featuring Quran verses and which the U.S. officials were particularly interested in.

Apart from that, he was not asked any questions related to terrorism or given any reason, besides the new order, on why he was being denied entry.

The doctor was then returned his belongings, along with his visa documents which had a line in black marker drawn through them and a notation in blue ink, “Cancelled E.O. 59447v.8.” He was told it might be “90 days or longer” before he could next expect a flight back to U.S.A.

This puts Al Homssi in dire straits as he was expected to resume his duties at the hospital Wednesday. Otherwise he could lose his residency, be kicked out of UAE and even be forced to return to Syria.

Trump has defended the ban and said it does not target only Muslims, yet Al Homssi’s attorney Thomas Anthony Durkin stated the very same law that bans Muslims from the seven countries protects Christians from these same places and allow them to immigrate to America.

This clause is definitive proof that the ban, in fact, does discriminate specifically against Muslims.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Stephen Yang

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