Covering Olympics, TV Station Displays PF Chang Instead of PyeongChang

Something went terribly wrong when WLS-Ch.7’s anchor was introducing a report on the political backdrop to the Winter Olympics.



PyeongChang and P.F. Chang have absolutely nothing in common, expect for the fact that they both start with P and end with Chang.

But a local news channel confused the two in one of the most embarrassing broadcast gaffes ever.

PyeongChang, situated in South Korea, is where the Winter Olympics are currently being held, and like every other news channel, Chicago’s ABC affiliate WLS-Ch.7’s news team also made a point to include headlines from the event.

However, things went terribly wrong when anchor Mark Rivera was introducing a report on the political backdrop to the Winter Olympics. There was nothing wrong with his report but the graphic illustration resting behind his shoulder on the screen displayed the phrase “P.F. Chang 2018” with an incorrect Olympics logo.

P.F. Chang is a renowned Asian-inspired restaurant chain, which is known for its lettuce wraps and décor. The restaurant is neither hosting nor sponsoring the games.

The channel quickly apologized for their mistake. WLS-TV spokesperson Jayme Nicholas said the gaffe was a result of a mix-up, and the graphic was actually created for another “satirical piece” by sports anchor Mark Giangreco where viewers were encouraged to invent their own Olympic sports, but the phrase was mistakenly used for the serious news story about Winter Olympics' political environment.

People on Twitter slammed the network:





The mistake was also noted by the restaurant, which quickly pointed out that they were not hosting the games.


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