Flamingo That Survived Floods Was Kicked To Death By Children At A Zoo

A flamingo that survived the 2002 floods in Prague Zoo was brutally killed by three children who kicked and pelted the bird with stones until it died.

Humans can be savage toward animals, no matter how old they are.

A gang of three schoolchildren, age 3-5, attacked a flock of American flamingos at a zoo in Jihlava, Czech Republic. The violent boys jumped over a fence before pelting stones at the birds and kicking at least two of them. They were so brutal they killed one of them, while the other one is seriously injured.

The killed flamingo was not ordinary. He had survived the floods in Prague in 2002. He was 16 years old and had eight children. Generally, these water birds live up to 40 years of age. Sadly, this flood-surviving flamingo couldn’t survive the wrath of inhumanity. 

As the boys were kicking the two poor birds, an electrician interrupted them, but they hurriedly fled the scene. However, thanks to the CCTV footage, the police were able to identify and get hold of them.

“First, they pelted them with stones and then one of them kicked it. Fortunately, one of them had a distinct yellow sweatshirt. We immediately phoned police officers and so two of them we managed to catch far from the park. The third escaped,” said zoologist Jan Vašák.

According to reports, the boys refused to talk to municipal police and the objective behind the attack is still not clear. The police may ask the parents to pay for the damage caused by their ill-behaved children.

The flamingo that was killed horrifically was worth more than $2,000.

Martin Malac , a representative for the zoo, said the children expressed no remorse for the gruesome act.

Another zoo employee, Richard Viduna, requested witnesses report such incidents so that they can save their animals from being mistreated.

"It would be helpful for us if the visitors would pay attention to acts such as these and report them," he said.

People expressed sorrow over social media on the untimely loss of the flamingo.





Sadly, such animal abuse stories keep making headlines.

Recently, tourists in Argentina killed a baby dolphin while attempting to take a selfie with the sea creature. And now the news of young children killing a flamingo just goes to show how heartless humans have become.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Yves Herman 

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