Chili's Restaurant Calls Cops On Group Of Black Friends For Talking

“We were racially profiled and marked as threats because we are black…its 2018 and we still have to deal with ignorance.”

A restaurant in Abbeville, Virginia, reportedly called cops on a group of African-American friends who were simply standing outside in the restaurant’s parking lot and talking.

More than a dozen friends, some whom were from the town and some had come from outside, were chatting in the parking lot after getting their to-go boxes. That is when police showed up at the scene and told them to leave.

A video of the incident recorded by one of the group members showed police telling them that they had to move from the area. They then explained that the manager of the restaurant wanted them to leave because technically it is their property and they have the right to decide who they want in.

Alarmed by the explanation, one of the group members then asked the police the reason why they were told to leave the premises and said it was just because “we’re black.”

“We’re just sitting out here talking to our friend, she came from Honduras,” the man said on the video. “All we’re doing is talking. My home boy in there, he came out and told me, ‘They think you’re trying to intimidate somebody.’ Why? Because we’re black and we’re talking? They just had some white ladies (out here) talking,” the man said.

He then said he wanted to go inside the restaurant and get a number of a corporate officer. However the officer replied, “She called me here to avoid an altercation with you guys.”

“Why?” he asked. “I can’t go in this public building. Why can’t I go in? Why?”

The video then showed the police arguing with the group who failed to accept their half-baked reason for removing them from the restaurant.

Minutes later, the African-Americans are seen leaving the restaurant along with the food they purchased.   

Jhordi Henderson who was also part of the group wrote on Facebook, “We were racially profiled and marked as threats because we are black. It’s bulls*** its 2018 and we still have to deal with ignorance. You can spend your money and chili’s (sic) if you want, but my black a** works too hard to give chili’s (sic) another dollar after being treated the way I was.”

Although, Chili’s Central Louisiana Director of Operations Cheli Breaux released a statement regarding the incident, it failed to address the main reason behind it.

“When walking into our restaurants each day, we believe our ChiliHeads have one job and that’s to make every guest feel special while dining with us. We know and regret that the experience for some of our Chili’s Abbeville guests on Saturday, June 23 did not reflect this,” said the statement.

It further said, “Our focus now is to talk with our guests to better understand how they were treated at Chili’s Abbeville and learn how we can better live out our promise to ensure every guest feels welcome in our restaurants. We have reached out to the Abbeville guests for whom we have contact information and offered to sit down and discuss their experiences. While they have declined at this time, our doors are always open.”

This is just one example of cops being called on people of color. There have been several such incidents lately.

 Just recently, a white woman reportedly called the police on an 8-year-old girl for, well, selling water without a permit on a sidewalk in San Francisco. Later it was revealed what a big hypocrite she was as she herself sold cannabis products without having a permit up until last year.

In another incident, a movie theater in Philadelphia called cops on an African-American family after they asked for a refund.

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