China Wants Its Women To Beware Of Handsome Men

China is now warning its nationals to steer clear of good-looking men, because you never know when your partner might turn out to be a U.S. spy.

Marking its first ever National Security Education Day earlier this month, China revealed a campaign called “Dangerous Love.”

Comprising of a 16-page comic, the campaign warns women of “handsome foreign men” who may be spies in reality. In fact, it instructs women not to be carried away by men’s good looks but to rather be vigilant at all times.

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To drive the point across, the campaign created two fictional  characters, a Chinese civil servant named Little Li and a red-headed foreign national David, who met at a party and hit it off pretty soon. However, as things evolve between the two and the man wins Li’s heart with flowers and compliments, he turns out to be a foreign spy.

Li, who is smitten by him, fails to notice the trap David is setting for her as he convinces her to give him access to secret documents in her office. He soon vanishes into thin air.

While Li is taken into custody and further questioned about the incident, she is told, “You show a very shallow understanding of secrecy for a state employee. You are suspected of violating our nation's law."   

The comic has been put up on various bulletin boards in government offices to remind employees that confidential information must never be disclosed and they should be wary of foreign spies who lure them in to take advantage of secret information.

While China cracks down on journalists for openly expressing their thoughts, this new comic is a dire proof that Chinese nationals are not even free to choose their acquaintances, and security forces will keep a watch on who they interact with, to protect their information and country’s image.

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