China Is Brainwashing Students Into Boycotting South Korean Snacks

“No! No! No! Lotte, leave China! Boycott Korean goods! Protest THAAD! Love China!” they yelled alongside their teacher.

In the wake of South Korea’s deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, conditions have been tense between the country and China.

Now South Korea’s Lotte Group is facing the music for agreeing to give up land to build the defensive missile system — and one of its greatest challenges comes in the form of China’s “patriotic” elementary school children boycotting their products.

One of the videos circulating on the internet is of a school brainwashing its pint-sized students by making them hold huge banners and chanting anti-Korean and anti-Lotte slogans.

“No! No! No!” yelled the children. “Lotte, leave China! Boycott Korean goods! Protest THAAD! Love China!” they yell alongside their teacher.

In another video, children are seen looking at a screen in their assembly and promising to love China and boycott Lotte’s products.

Images of teachers schooling young students on what snacks not to buy is also circulating the internet.


Many of the people on social media re condemning the Communist party of China for using children for their political agendas.

"This behavior is typical of the time before the Cultural Revolution," commented Wang Dan, who posted the video onto Facebook.

“The most offensive thing is to make use of the children to achieve political ends. I would like to ask, can these children find South Korea in the world map? Is it wicked?” said one Facebook user.

“The Communist party is a terrible terror,” said another user.

Lotte Group, the fifth largest conglomerate in South Korea, also stated last week that its Chinese website had experienced disruptions that could be a cyberattack by Chinese hackers.

Lotte Mart had 115 stores in China as of January 2017, contributing to sales of over 3 trillion won ($2.6 billion) in 2015. But now, that two dozen of its retail stores have been closed in China, Lotte is concerned it will experience further business fallout.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Hannibal Hanschke 

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