Woman Plummets Through Open Floor In A Chinese Train Station

It's another in a long line of escalator accidents in China that are often deadly.

China has been long making headlines for shoddy elevators and escalators in the country becoming a downright death trap. 

In yet another disturbing incident, video shows a woman approaching an elevator at a Cuizhu metro station in Shenzhen. Before she even stepped on the elevator, the floor panel beneath her feet opened and she fell right through it.

Fortunately, she survived.

Another man who can be seen walking along with the unidentified woman quickly held her hand after noticing the traumatic collapse.  Moments later, other people gathered to help the two of them.

The woman was taken to a nearby local hospital after being pulled out from the near to death fall. She suffered cuts and bruises on her arms and legs. Thankfully the injuries weren’t serious.

Following the disturbing situation, the Shenzhen metro station reportedly issued an apology to the victim of the faulty floor panel and thanked all those who had helped her out of the situation.

Yet similar, sometimes fatal, accidents aren’t new in China.

Earlier, in July 2015, a mother died after trying to save her son after an escalator metal panel collapsed under her feet. She fell through the platform and died. Since then, Chinese shoppers have grown worried they might suffer the same fate. In the same year, a shopping mall employee had to have his left leg amputated after a part of an escalator that he was cleaning collapsed.

According to the website china.org.cn, the China Elevator Association reports that more than half of all accidents involving elevators and escalators are connected to repair neglect and maintenance.

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