Rio Olympics Can’t Get China’s Flag Right And China Is Not Happy

Almost four days into the 2016 Summer Olympics, the games organizers failed to notice that the Chinese flags being used at different ceremonies were incorrect.

China’s Flag

China is having a bad time at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with their athletes. In fact, they are doing reasonably, if not exceptionally, well at the games. The Chinese men’s team won its second gold in 10-meter synchronized diving, after the women's team claimed the 3-meter synchronized title. 

But Chinese Olympic officials and fans back at home are furious because the most of the Chinese flags being used at the tournament’s different ceremonies are incorrect.

A lot of people with keen eyes have noticed that the Chinese flags being used at the Olympics have the small stars point upward — but in the original flag the smaller stars tilt to point toward the center of the bigger one.



Although the mistake was pointed out by many during the opening ceremony, the faulty flag was still used, at least four days into the Rio Games:



Meanwhile, another flag error prompted further criticism from Chinese viewers when Australia’s Channel 7 confused Chile’s flag for China’s in a medal graphic:



The Australian channel, however, unlike the Olympic organizers, didn’t take four days to notice the error. They issued an apology shortly after the segment aired.

"It was one of those moments we wish we could take back and relive. Programmed into the computer system running the graphics are the flags for all competing nations. The country next to China is Chile, and Chile's flag was mistakenly selected and put up accidentally for the briefest of time,” a spokesman said about the channel's live coverage.

Almost around the same time, organizers for the games finally realized Chinese fans were really upset about their country’s flags and that something must be done about it.

“We do understand that there is a problem with the flag,” said Rio 2016 Olympic Games executive communications director Mario Andrada, according to CNN. “It’s very small. You have to be very familiar with the Chinese flag to understand that. However, we need to correct it.”

It’s odd though none of the 416 Chinese athletes, not even the flag bearer, Lei Sheng, have spoken out about the incorrect flag.

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