In Shanghai, Not Visiting Your Parents Can Now Land You In Trouble

Do you worry about having no one to look after you in your old age? For people in Shanghai, the government has come up with the perfect solution.

For the people of China, respect for the elderly is extremely important. Taking this to a whole new level, the government of Shanghai has now ruled that people who do not visit their elderly parents enough and fail to give them due respect will face severe consequences.

Under the new rules, not visiting parents on a regular basis can now affect people’s credit scores, landing them in financial trouble. Moreover, those who think their children are not keeping in touch or fulfilling their responsibility can even go to the extent of filing a lawsuit against them.

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The new law will be implemented on May 1 and is essentially an initiative by the central government to encourage families to stick together, maintaining the Chinese tradition of respect and filial piety.

Interestingly, people are criticizing the new law for being vague since it does not really outline how frequently children should visit their elderly parents, and what extent of neglect is allowed before they face consequences.

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Although imposing a law like this might seem rather forceful, since it negatively impacts people’s credit scores, maybe at least the fear of landing a black mark on their credit history will encourage the younger generation to keep in touch with their elders.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Stelios Varias

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