No One Wants To Be A Journalist In China

China has strict laws when it comes to media, but extreme levels of censorship might mean the country will soon be left without journalists.

Free speech is nothing but meaningless concept in China where reporters voicing their opinion and providing true information often end up facing severe consequences.

As a result, many journalists have given up their career and passion. Reporters are turning their back on the profession because, apparently, the ordeal they have to go through for stating the facts is way too much to deal with.

Take the December 2015 case of French journalist Ursula Gauthier, who dared to write about the oppression of the Uighur minority in China. She was soon expelled from the country and her voice was once again drowned out.

People are certainly frustrated with the government's muzzle on their speech. Citizens want to have access to transparent media and reporting, while journalists wish to report the truth, but the country’s authorities are allowing none of that to happen. The heavy government involvement in the media means everything goes through the hands of government authorities, who filter out information that isn’t in their favor.

The impact of censorship, however, doesn’t only go as far as journalists quitting their job or being afraid to speak the truth. Social media has also been largely affected since a number of sites remain banned in the country.

Although the future of China’s media doesn’t seem too bright, one can only hope that the government will loosen the laws in order to allow some form  of journalism to take place.

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