Video Shows 50 Meter Road Collapse In China After Days Of Heavy Rain

Dramatic footage shows a 50-meter section of road collapsing in China along with retaining walls and trees in the ground after heavy rainfalls.


A road in China collapsed after the city encountered days of heavy rainfall.

As a result of the continuous downpour, a 50-meter section of a road in the city of Guang’an collapsed in the ground, pulling retaining walls and trees along with it. The dramatic scenes were captured on video.

The city endured heavy rain and intermittent rockfalls before the road buckled and crumbled in beneath a large apartment complex. Police authorities cordoned off that portion of the road situated in Sichuan province and stopped traffic from taking the route.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Police is investigating the reason for the collapse, though experts suggest the road caved-in after the heavy rainfall softened the ground.

“I was asleep at the time, I heard a big noise but I didn't get up,' said a resident who lives above the collapsed section of road,” said a resident who lived above the now damaged section of the road.

“Afterwards I heard the retaining wall of our building had collapsed, we live right above that part, you know how scary that is.”

After surveying the landslide, local technicians are working towards a clearer plan to organize the situation. Police evacuated 50 residents from the damaged area. They were allowed to return back after the safety inspections completed.

Another landslide also occurred in the country in a village of the Hunan province. According to state-run news service, as a result of the massive flooding, seven houses collapsed, trapping 12 people over the weekend. Only one person survived.

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: Reuters, Stringer

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