This 400-Meter-High Glass-Bottom Platform Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Standing on this platform, which just opened in China, is like walking on air a quarter-mile above the ground.

At 400 meters above the ground, this glass-bottom platform isn't a relaxing spot for those with a fear of heights. Standing, lying and looking far down below, tourists are flocking to a new glass-bottom sightseeing platform on the highest peak of China's Shilin Gorge on the outskirts of Beijing.

Its makers claim it to be the largest glass sightseeing platform in the world. It consists of a walkway and a circular viewing platform with an area of 415 square meters and hangs some 400 meters up from the foot of the cliff.

This isn’t however the only bridge of its kind in China. A similar bridge is in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in China's central Hunan province. The walking channel between two cliffs is at a height of some 590 feet and runs for 984 feet.

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