Pocket-Sized Drone Is The Newest Way To Snap The Perfect Selfie

After all the crazy selfie stories and numerous deaths as a result of attempting to get the perfect picture, people can now use hover drones instead of selfie sticks.

The last couple of years have been heavily inspired by cameras and selfie sticks, along with upgraded technology on cellular phones. People have become highly obsessed with taking their own pictures in nearly every situation or surrounding, be it a wedding, an official lunch, at one’s grandmother’s funeral — or even with a dead animal.

However, the number of deaths associated with selfies have also been on the rise, since people have often gotten so absorbed in the quest for the perfect picture that they climbed onto a railway track or stood on a cliff just to get one. And it has obviously led to their doom.

To make things easier, Zero Zero Robotics recently released small, easy to use hover drones in China.

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“We are opening up a brand new market for drones,” Zero Zero founder and chief executive Wang Mengqi told the South China Morning Post.

The new drone camera is as small as a book and unfolds into a bigger device which is set to release at the end of 2016. The technological aspects and design of the device allow it to recognize its user's face, body and surroundings, after which it tracks the person's movements and clicks pictures along the way.

Although this puts yet another selfie device on the market and fuels people's desire for the perfect pic, it might actually just be a blessing in disguise — since at least this way, at least, selfie fanatics trying to get the best shot won’t need to put their lives in unnecessary danger.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Edgar Su

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