Young Men In China To Get A New iPhone In Exchange For Their Sperm

Only in China can the government come up with such an "ingenious" way to tackle severe shortage of samples in sperm banks.

Young Men In China To Get A New iPhone

Sperm banks in China reportedly face a chronic shortage of supplies after the government ended the one-child policy last year.

For instance, Shanghai Human Sperm Bank recently announced “from the year of 2003 to present, sperm donations in Shanghai cannot meet the high demand for quality sperm from barren Chinese couples.”

The Chinese government is apparently worried about the looming sperm crisis and, since desperate times call for desperate measures, is encouraging more young men to become donors by offering incentives such as cash or a new iPhone.

"For the sake of your country, please donate sperm," the Chinese Communist Party said in a newspaper ad, asking men between the age of 20 and 45 to serve their country.

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China’s population is aging and its growth is now among the slowest in the world. The trend will have a particularly devastating impact on the country’s ever-diminishing workforce.

In fact, in 2015, China working-age population saw its biggest ever decline, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, figures that indicate future labor shortage.

“The number of workers aged 16 to 59 dropped by a record 4.87 million to 911 million last year, compared to decline of 3.71 million in 2014,” The Wall Street Journal reported in January.

Although Beijing launched the campaign to lure more sperm donors, it’s going to be a rather difficult path since traditional Chinese medicine associates high levels of semen with vitality.

But one sperm bank in Beijing is even countering those beliefs by releasing an ad that reads: “Donating sperm and donating blood are the same thing. It’s all about giving back to society.”

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