Online-Bought Pet Snake Bites Chinese Woman, Leaves Her In A Coma

The snake, which was reportedly bought to make a traditional Chinese medicine before the woman decided to keep it as a pet, is on the list of endangered species in China.

A Chinese woman was left fighting for her life after being bitten by a poisonous snake that she bought online, local Chinese media reported.

The 21-year-old, who is in a state of coma and on life support, was bitten on her finger at her home in Weinan city in Shaanxi province, according to China Business Report.

The woman, identified by her pseudonym Xiaofang, was reportedly keeping the snake as a pet, despite the many-banded krait, a species found in much of China, Southeast Asia and Honk Kong, branded “lethal” by the Hong Kong Government.

The woman reportedly called her parents after she started feeling dizzy. The parents said their daughter had called them because her “pet snake” had bit her and she was feeling nauseous. The snake later went missing.

The parents took her to a hospital but she soon fell into a coma. The woman was allegedly not given an antidote for her bite until the following evening, because the hospital did not have any supplies of antivenin to treat bites from that particular species of snake.

The woman’s parents alerted the local authorities about the missing snake and later that day a many-banded krait was found dead near the family home.

Xiaofang’s parents said they searched through her phone and found she had bought the snake online, however, they could not find any further information about the seller.

If identified, the seller would find himself in trouble, as it is illegal to hurt or sell the many-banded krait, which falls on the list of protected, rare and endangered species in China.

However, with Xiaofang in a coma and little to no information about the seller, there is not much the police can do at the moment.

Why Xiaofang thought it was a good idea to keep a venomous snake as a pet is beyond her parents. The seller reportedly informed the 21-year-old of the lethality of the creature.

The woman had supposedly bought the reptile to make “snake wine” — a traditional Chinese medicine made by leaving the animals to ferment in alcohol.

Deciding to keep a snake as a pet might just take Xiaofang’s life.

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: REUTERS/Bobby Yip

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