Chinese Inventor Unveils Realistic Robot 'Goddess' Who Takes Selfies

Jia Jia is not just a pretty face, she is a mass of metal and plastic that can hold conversations also.

What do you all think of this pretty lady?

The dainty features, the perfectly chiseled cheekbones, the almond-shaped eyes you could stare into the entire day...isn't she a work of art?

Well, she is a work of science and robotics engineering.


You see, this beauty (her name is Jia Jia), is a realistic-looking robot. The team from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) has taken care of every minute detail that will make her look less like the soulless, complex lump of metal that she is (This one even has eyebrows).


Jia Jia has a rudimentary grasp of language; like your socially awkward classmate, she can mumble a little hello. However, she has been programmed to utter sentences of much more complex structure. For instance, she can shoo away people who stand too close while taking a selfie because it 'makes her look fat'.

Reality, as Jia Jia shows, borrows heavily from science fiction.

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters

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