China’s Traffic Straddling Bus Looks Straight Out Of A Sci Fi Movie

Instead of building underpasses and overpasses, China’s new bus is the perfect modern day solution to traffic problems.

You might have seen something like this in sci-fi movies and thought of it as a far-fetched idea , but this traffic-straddling bus, which happens to be China’s latest invention, now actually exists.

Not only does the bus look like its straight out of a James Bond movie, but also solves numerous traffic related problems.

The bus allows cars to pass underneath it while it is driving around. It moves around on an elevated position, thus acting like an underpass for cars that need to go through immediately.

While its official name is Transit Elevated Bus, the official Chinese name translates to "iron bar."

Understandably, the bus was an extremely expensive invention, but it saved a huge amount of money that otherwise would have gone into developing infrastructure efficient enough to deal with the growing number of cars in China.

The bus works on electricity and uses a very unique brake design. The insides of each wheel are filled with an electric motor, which doesn’t leave room for brakes. As a result it has additional wheels with brakes that can be used in case of an emergency, along with other brakes that are connected via a belt.

Additionally, the vehicle charges at each station and only needs to collect enough energy from one station to get itself to the next. A pair of rails on the roof also allows the bus to get its power from solar energy but how that works hasn’t been explained as yet.

The taillights on the bus are traffic light repeaters! Yes. The lights on the back of the bus show cars entering under it what the status of the traffic lights in front is, which means it displays a red, yellow or green depending on what the traffic light ahead of it is showing.

Lastly, (and this one is very fascinating) it contains animated lights to simulate stationary objects to prevent drivers underneath the bus from disorientation. If commuters  glance out of their clear windows, and find the bus moving, drivers might get confused about their speed and whether they’re stationary or actually in motion. The animated stimulation objects that are seen in this case from the driver’s window make them feel like they are stationary, so that they can monitor their own speed and not get confused with what is happening outside.

Check out some videos of this amazing bus here to see what it looks like and understand how it works.

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