Chinese Actor Dons Turbans To Mock Indians In Incredibly Racist Video

The brazenly racist "parody" was released at a time when both the countries are caught up in a border dispute in the Himalayas.



China took its border dispute with India a step further with a racist video accusing India of committing several "sins."

The Xinhua News Agency, China's official press agency, released the video, titled “The Spark: 7 Sins of India,” on its official YouTube channel, listing India’s “seven sins” in the dispute over Doklam border, a disputed region in the Himalayas where Bhutan, India and China meet.

The 3½-minute English-language clip features a Chinese presenter accusing India of "trampling international law" and "inventing various excuses to whitewash its illegal moves.”

Later, a Chinese actor, wearing a fake turban and an ill-fitting beard, repeats what the presenter had said while assuming a mock Indian accent amid canned laughter.

Quite predictably, the video was met with widespread criticism owing to its racist overtones.

“The video particularly targets the Sikh minority,” the Hindustan Times reported. Sikhs, who are a religious minority in India, comprise 2 percent of the country's population.

China and India have been at loggerheads since July over the former's plans of building of a road in Doklam plateau. India believes it would change the status quo in the contested region.

"Yet another attempt by Chinese media to push its aggressive rhetoric on the standoff," said The Quint.

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