Here's Why 2 Chinese Children Traveled For 50 Miles Hidden Under A Bus

The boys were caked with mud and the bus staff members were surprised to see that they remained unharmed as the bus made its way through steep slopes.



Pictures of two Chinese boys, who were found hiding under a bus carriage, have created a furor in Guangxi, China. 

The boys, who remain unnamed, reportedly traveled 50 miles from a rural village in search of their parents who work in the neighboring province of Guangdong.

A teacher of the boys reported them missing on Nov. 23 and they were later found by security workers under a vehicle at a bus station.

In the pictures, the boys, reportedly 8 and 9 years old, can be seen covered in mud and holding onto the bus. Staff of the bus was shocked to see the boys unharmed as the bus had made its way through steep slopes.

"These children's bodies were really thin, so the undercarriage was a good hiding space. We finally came to understand that these two boys had been missing their mum and dad. They had hidden under the vehicle because they wanted, in vain, to find their parents,” said a staff member.

The boys were later reunited with their relatives.

The incident has sparked outrage and has also raised questions about China’s “left-behind” children. The phenomenon is a rising problem in the country in which parents leave their children in rural areas and move to urban areas in search of work.

As a result, the children are forced to live with their ageing grandparents, relatives or family friends. According to a Global Times report, nearly one-third of children are left behind by their parents in rural areas.   

On the Road to School, a Chinese non-governmental organization, reported about 60 percent of the children living in rural settings see their parents less than twice a year.

The heartbreaking pictures of the boys went viral on social media.

“There are way too many young children in China now who are separated from their parents from a young age. Who is caring for them, and finding a solution to their problems?” said a user.

Others called the incident a “tragedy in society” and called for “attention to left-behind children.”

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