Cruel Circus Sedates Siberian Tiger So Tourists Can Take Photos

Disturbing footage shows a tiger lying subdued and largely unresponsive on a table while people pet it.

In yet another disturbing video of animal abuse, Chinese tourists pose with a tiger as it lies sedated on a table. The disturbing incident took place in Lindian City, in north eastern China's Heilongjiang Province.

The video shows an endangered Siberian tiger parading around the ring by its handler. The tiger can also be seen jumping through the hoops in order to amuse the tourists. Seconds later the big cat is seen lying on the table while tourists are invited into the cage so they can click a picture with it.

In order to touch and pose with the animal, the visitors were charged an additional $3 (20 RMB).  As people take pictures, the tiger can be seen lying subdued and largely unresponsive on a table. It remains unclear what drug the tiger was given. However, witnesses explained that it looked clearly drugged up.

The latest video has once again raised the issue of animal abuse and people on Chinese social media have also criticized the circus. In their defense, the circus management said that the cat was well trained and was not dangerous.

Apparently, a number of people in China believe the god of wealth is reminiscent of a tiger and those who get in contact with him directly will obtain good fortune. Siberian tigers, also known as Amur tigers, are endangered species. Only about 540 of the species are thought to be left in the wild since 1980.

While animals continue to lose their lives due to abuse by humans, it seems no one particularly cares. In fact, it seems all we care about now are selfies and pictures. It portrays a disgusting picture of animal abuse along with the heartless nature of humans in general who aren’t bothered about the well being of the animal because all they want to do is look adventurous.



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