Chinese Cops Brutally Beat Ughyur Muslim After Handcuffing Him

In the disturbing video, two men claiming to be Chinese cops can be seen kicking an Ughyur Muslim man in the stomach and on the head repeatedly.


An alarming video shared by the online project Documenting Oppression Against Muslims (DOAM), which takes notice of violence and oppression against Muslims and incidents of Islamophobia, shows a handcuffed man being brutally beaten by two police officers.

According to DOAM, the victim was an Ughyur Muslim man, who was being treated brutally after two Chinese cops pulled him out of a vehicle. In a blatant display of brutality, the alleged cops can be seen kicking the man on his head and in his stomach repeatedly. The helpless man screaming in pain could do nothing about the atrocious treatment.

By the end of the video, blood dripped to the floor from the man’s mouth.

It is not known why the Chinese law enforcement officers gave such an inhumane treatment to the Muslim man.

Ughyur Muslims are a Turkic minority, mostly live in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. They have been abused and targeted with a number of human rights violations by the Chinese government in recent times, according to Human Rights Watch.

Uyghur Muslim inmates have also suffered endlessly at the hands of Chinese prison guards, who have humiliated them many times. In a blatant display of human rights abuse, according to Human Rights Watch, over 1 million Communist Party cadres were sent to spend their days at Muslim homes throughout Xinjiang. The cadres went to meet the Muslim families with the sole purpose of brainwashing them towards the Communist Party’s political system of belief and report anything related to the family’s religious beliefs related to alcoholism or hygiene.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters

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