Chinese Cop Body Slams Woman Holding Her Baby

An argument over illegal parking quickly escalated.

A shocking video that shows a police officer body slamming a woman holding a child to the ground has caused outrage in China. 

The incident, which took place in Shanghai, was reportedly the result of an argument over illegal parking issues. 

In the video, the unidentified woman can be seen holding a child in her arms. The officer, who is continuously pointing a finger at her, has an argument with the woman. She tries to move away from the officer and at one point turns to the other cop who is sitting inside the police car parked next to her.

The child can also be seen weeping in her mother’s arms.

When the officer continues to argue with the woman, she then confronts him and pushes the cop. He, in turn, punches her and throws her onto the ground. The toddler also crashes hard on the pavement.

After the incident, the mother and the girl were immediately taken to the hospital.

The police officers involved in the incident were suspended until further notice and Songjiang Police also added that it was investigating the issue.

According to Songjiang Police Bureau, the woman was not happy when she was issued a parking ticket. 

“She was confronting the officer and pushed him two to three times,” said an officer.

The video of the incident has since then gone viral and people have criticized the officer over use of excessive force. Even if the woman pushed the cop first, slamming her down to the ground with her baby can’t be justified.

“Given that she pushed the policeman at first place, there is really no need to body slam a woman, who was carrying her child in her arms, onto the ground, right?” said a commenter.

However, some stood by the officer.

“She thinks it's fine to use her daughter as a shield, so she can push the policeman by force? This should teach her a lesson!” said a commenter.

While another one wrote, “Illegal parking has to be punished! I support the policeman, for justice!”

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