Is An iPhone Really Worth A Child’s Life In China?

From a range of ways to deal with financial problems, this Chinese couple deserves the award for choosing the most bizarre solution.

All sorts of weird things happen in the world, but this surely must be one of the oddest.

A Chinese man landed in jail for selling his 18-day-old daughter on the Internet, so that he could afford an iPhone and a motorbike.

The man, known as A Duan  from Tong’an in Fujian province of south eastern China, put his infant daughter up on social media site QQ, and soon enough a buyer offered $3,600, according to the People’s Daily Online.

The buyer bought the infant for his sister, and allegedly turned himself in to the police soon after. The baby now remains with an adopted family since the parents do not have the financial resources to support her. 

The mother, known as Xiao Mei, worked multiple jobs while the father  wasted a major chunk of his time in Internet cafes. Xiao ran away from the city after her husband sold her daughter, but police, who were already investigating the case, soon found her.

“I myself was adopted, and may people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal,” she told the police.

While Xiao has received a two-and-a-half year suspended sentence, the father of the child was sentenced to three years in jail.

Unplanned pregnancies and abortions are highly debated in most parts of the world, but instances like these are a constant reminder that we need real solutions to minimize the number of children being discarded and given up.

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