Chinese Man Leaves Dying Mother On Doorstep For Three Days

The cruel son, along with his family, forced the feeble woman to stay outside for three days after she refused to give her senior citizen allowance to them.

In yet another alarming story of the abuse suffered by some elderly Chinese people, an old woman was found lying on her doorstep in Yangzhou, Zhejiang province, without food, open to all the brutalities of nature for three days.

The 82-year-old was left in such distressing conditions by none other than her son.

The son and his family forced the woman out of their house because of a disagreement over money.

A $60 allowance, approximately 400 Yuan, is provided to senior Chinese citizens every month by the government. But when the unnamed woman tried to keep her money for herself, her son made her pay a humiliating price.

The poor lady couldn’t move on her own and she lay crying on the doorstep of her son’s house before a Communist party member saw her suffering and helped her out.  The woman reportedly has four children, two sons and two daughters.

Her husband passed away 18 years ago and since then she has been living with her children alternatively, who share the cost of her medical expenses. She was with her youngest son, who was reportedly unhappy with her mother being at his place, considering her condition was worsening.  

He was afraid that if his mother died in house he would have to bear all the funeral costs.

Some neighbors tried to help the woman by attempting to get her settled in another home, but she said she would rather die on her son’s doorstep than live elsewhere. She also declined the food that was offered.

The selfish family members opened their doors to the old day and let her back in after reaching a financial agreement with other siblings after being assisted by the village cadres.

Unfortunately, the problem of elder citizens being treated ruthlessly is not new in China. Recently a 92-year-old woman was locked in a pigsty by her own son and daughter-in-law for several years and left to die; fortunately she survived.

According to research, abuse of the elderly and its subtypes are common among the global Chinese population. China's senior care system for elders is weak, leaving several old age citizens in trying times without access to proper care and assistance.

In 2013 China passed an elderly rights law that required children to regularly visit their parents. The law was later mocked by several Chinese online users, and the problem of mistreating elderly people still prevails in the country.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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