This Is What China Plans To Do With Drivers Using Full Beam Headlights

Chinese media has previously reported several deaths caused by high beam lights, where drivers are blinded by full beams and crash.

Chinese drivers who can’t resist using full beam lights unnecessarily are getting a taste of their own medicine. Police in the southern city of Shenzhen have come up with an unusual punishment, rather a blinding experience for drivers using full beam lights needlessly.

The drivers are forced to sit in a chair and stare right into a high beam or full beam light for a minute. And just to make sure the drivers never performs this action again, they are embarrassed by posting photographs onto the official police Weibo account.

"Tonight we are carrying out punishments using a high beam," the post reads.

In addition to this dazzling punishment, the offenders also face a fine 300 yuan or $44 if caught driving with full beams. 

"Now you can experience for yourself just how harmful the full beam headlights are and how much light pollution they cause," a police officer told one offender.

The driver later told reporters, "My eyes were dazzled. I will never come to Shenzhen again."

What cops do to you in China if you drive around with high beam

Chinese media has previously reported several deaths caused by high beam lights, where drivers are blinded by full beams and crash.

People are generally happy with the decision and the news of the unusual punishment is getting a lot of attention on various social media platforms.

“Such punishments are necessary [and] also effective,” wrote a user in a poll conducted about the punishment.

But there are also those who think that this is a violation of human rights and can potentially damage the eyesight of the already confused drivers.

It is not yet confirmed whether the other police forces throughout China will follow this punishment for high beam drivers.

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