The Epic Moment A Bride Falls Off A Bike While Her Husband Rides On

The couple who promised to spend the rest of their lives together was separated on their first motorbike ride as bride and groom.


A bride and groom in China, only a short while after taking their vows, broke their promise of “until death do us apart.”

The newlywed couple was driving on an electric scooter when they happened to ride over a speed breaker. Apparently, the jolt was too much for the bride to handle, and she fell off onto the road, bringing a motorcyclist driving by to a halt. While the kind man stopped by to help the bride up, the groom remained unaware that now he was riding away without his wife. 

Next time perhaps, she’ll know better and hold on to her husband while riding around on the motorcycle. Unfortunately, they will not get to take another drive back home from their wedding.

There is no further information on whether the groom returned for his wife. One can only hope she did not suffer any major injuries from the sudden fall.

The incident appears to be in stark contrast to recent news that emerged from China itself. Just at the beginning of the second week of July, a Chinese couple became famous on the internet after photos of the girl carrying her boyfriend emerged online. Apparently, the man was wearing expensive leather shoes, and his thoughtful partner didn’t want him to ruin them while walking through a flood. As a result, she decided to carry him on her back, and onlookers captured pictures of them.

While some considered the act to be a display of affection between the couple, others criticized the man for being shameless.

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