What Made This Chinese Man Stick His Head Into A Washing Machine?

Laundry day turns into a rescue operation for this Mr. Fix-It.

All sorts of weird things have been happening in China of late. From a toddler rolling out of a van on the highway, to malfunctioning escalators killing people, the country has seen it all.

Now in the most recent incident, a man from the Fujian province of China somehow managed to get his head stuck in the drum of his washing machine. Apparently, the young man was going to use the machine when he discovered that it was not working, and decided to fix it. It appeared to him the drum might be causing the problem, and in order to figure out what the issue was, he stuck his head closer to the faulty part.

head stuck in washing machine

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But things soon took a nasty turn when he was unable to pull his head out of the drum. His roommate, who happened to be nearby, desperately tried to help, but failed time and again. He then resorted to calling firefighters, who immediately came to rescue the man from the odd situation.

Rescue Team

Man's Head in Machine

To ensure the man had enough oxygen to breathe, the rescue team first pulled off the drum from the washing machine itself, and then broke it into pieces with the man’s head still stuck inside. He was then sent in for a physical check-up and seemed absolutely fine.

Images of the incident and rescue operation are shared on the Weibo social media account of Fuzhou City's Fire Department.

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