Man Slaps Train Steward 5 Times After Being Denied Seat On Train

The unruly passenger can be seen shouting at the train worker after she reportedly told him he couldn’t sit in the train’s dining room.

A train passenger lost his cool and got into a physical confrontation with an attendant after being denied a seat.

As seen in the disturbing video of the incident, a frustrated man shouts at the train attendant after she purportedly tells him he couldn’t sit in the train’s dining room. 

According to reports, the man, identified only with his surname Wang, was traveling through the northern province of Gansu. He asked the attendant for a seat in the dining car, even though he didn’t want to eat anything.

However, when Wang, who worked for the local railway bureau, was informed him there was no room for him, he lost his temper and launched a vicious attack at the attendant, slapping her five times across her face.

He can also be seen pushing the young woman in front of several passengers. “Can I sit here? Can I sit here?” he shouted in Chinese, before physically assaulting her.

The attendant, who was visibly shaken with the man’s disgusting treatment, can be seen crying while covering her face toward the end of the video. She was petrified, and so were the other passengers on the train.

According to Lanzhou Railway Police said Wang was punished with 15 days detention and a 1,000 yuan ($148) fine for his awful behavior.

Many people commented on Chinese micro blogging website Weibo about the problems train staffers have to face with such commuters, and many noted the man had no right to touch the woman. Others lauded the woman for staying strong, even though the man hit her.

However, it must be noted that none of the other passengers on the train stepped forward to help the woman during this blatant display of brutality.

Thumbnail/Banner: Pixabay, AndyLeungHK

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