Chinese Cops Beat Up Hong Kong Journalist, Drag Him Into A Van

Journalists are growing increasingly frustrated with the Chinese government's muzzle on their speech.


Police in Beijing pummeled a Hong Kong reporter as he was trying to cover a hearing involving a human rights lawyer.

The incident was caught on camera.

Chui Chun-ming, a cameraman with Now TV, was covering the trial with another reporter when the police asked for their press passes and identity cards. They complied, however, while the reporter got her documents back, the cameraman had to wait for more than five minutes.

“We asked them why they wouldn’t give them back to us, they said they still have to check, before the confrontation got bigger and they grabbed our cameraman,” the reporter said.

So, why was Chui arrested?

The police claim he tried to "grab" his pass from a cop, however, Chui, while admitting he got emotional, denies any physical contact with the police.

In the video of the arrest, the cops can be seen beating Chui up. A woman can be heard asking the police, “Why are you doing this? On what grounds are you handcuffing him?”

Before Chui was dragged to the police van, he was bleeding from his temple.

The two journalists were covering the trial of Xie Yanyi, a lawyer who was rounded up during the brutal “709” crackdown against human rights activists, lawyers and journalists in 2015.

Journalists are increasingly growing frustrated with the Chinese government's muzzle on their speech.

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCCC) released a report in February, detailing how foreign journalists have complained about not being able to do their job as they have been denied access to large parts of the country.

As for local reporting and publishing, many young aspirants have started leaving the country to pursue a career in journalism, according to a 2016 Guardian report.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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